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How to contribute.

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1 How to contribute. on Fri Oct 30, 2015 11:56 pm


Newborn Fox
Newborn Fox
1. Submitting characters

2. Contributor rank

3. Helping the forum

4. Helping the webcomic

5. Joining the team

1. To submit a character, you need to draw him. He then will be exported into Foxtrip style character, please specify character gender and animal type. Submitting a character gains you a contributor rank, so please specify your forum username when doing this. Submit the characters into the right forum (or webcomic email)

2. Contributor rank gains you : More privileges, special Contributor gold name, your full name written onto the webcomic contributors page.

3. You CAN'T donate. You can moderate it by reporting bad thingies/guys. You can tell more people about it.

4. Like previously said. CAN't donate, tell more people about it.

5. To join the team, contact me thru PM/email and write something about yourself. We need musicians, storyboard guys, idea guys, animators, organizators.

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